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Grade Level Curriculum Maps

Below are suggested maps from Fayette County.  Teachers will edit them collaboratively to come up with grade level curriculum maps for Clark County Teachers.  The idea behind this project will create more student success by seeing that all students are on the same track throughout the year.  This will remove the guessing game that our teachers play when they get a new student from another school in our county.  This project will also help aid our new teachers as they work through their KTIP year.

NOTE:  To ensure you are receiving the latest updates, make sure 
to refresh each web page before you download documents.

To download a document in original format for editing:

  • Under Documents To Edit, right click on top of the hyperlink of the document you want to save for editing.
  • Choose Save Target As.
  • Choose the dropdown arrow for the Save in: box.
  • Locate where you want to save your document.  Example: Desktop
  • Choose Save.
  • This is an Excel File and must be opened in Excel

You can then open that document from your computer where you saved it and edit it.

The printable documents open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, go here for information.

To print documents:

  • Under Printable Documents, choose the hyperlink of the document you want to print.
  • After the document opens, choose File; choose Print.
Documents To Edit Printable Documents 
Kindergarten Curriculum Map PDF
1st Grade Curriculum Map PDF
2nd Grade Curriculum Map PDF
3rd Grade Curriculum Map PDF
4th Grade Curriculum Map PDF
5th Grade Curriculum Map PDF
6th Grade Curriculum Map PDF
7th Grade Curriculum Map PDF
8th Grade Curriculum Map PDF
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